Woman of Amazing Strength, Resilience and Fortitude! A wise woman, brilliant author - about to inspire millions by her personal story of hope and miracles that were born from ashes. Born from struggles that no human being should ever, ever be subjected to.  Yes, you went through the fire and it did not destroy you. Instead, you emerged to become a heroine to what is possible, no matter what the conditions.
J.  Swadron
You are a courageous woman. I am inspired by what you have chosen to do with your life stories: to truly become the voice in them.
Karen L.
Your grounded spirituality speaks such truth.
Julie S.

You have experienced extremes in life. Rather than relying on "the experts," you have learned to trust your own wisdom by accepting a huge responsibility for your unique healing journey.
Helen H.

A message from one of Deborah's longtime friends.: Even during the darkest moments, Deborah's faith was unwavering. She never allowed her fear to overshadow her faith. I have always admired Deb's passion and her dedication to inspiring others to greatness. Through Deb's guidance, I truly believe miracles happen.

During her life, Deborah has faced and overcome numerous illnesses, including Acute Blast Cell Leukemia and Rheumatoid Arthritis. She is currently bravely facing the challenges of Early Onset Parkinson's Disease. In addition to the many physical obstacles Deborah has overcome, she has triumphed over emotional abuse, post traumatic stress disorder, and possibly her biggest challenge ever...being abandoned by her mother at the age of six while she was battling for her life against terminal cancer.

During her darkest moments, Deborah was sustained by the mantra. "We never saw a kid with such a strong will to live." She is now ready to share her story with the world. Her inspirational book, Glorious Me...My Journey on the Path to Self Love, is more than a memoir about her struggles with debilitating illnesses and emotional trauma. It holds the key to discovering what is possible when you trust, love and forgive. It is her deepest hope that her story will inspire you to believe that you have the power to change your life.

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